Talk about affordable mortgage payments, not rate

Why the mortgage payment is more important than the rate When shopping for a mortgage, clients are probably looking at rates, not realizing that they should be asking their mortgage broker about payments. Of course, they want the lowest interest rate they can get, but the rate tells them nothing about what they can afford, […]

Open vs. closed term mortgages

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It explains common terms that will help them choose the mortgage that best meets their needs. Open vs. closed mortgages: Which is right for you? Choosing a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Open vs. closed mortgages. Fixed […]

Smaller broker houses appreciate Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Bank is a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank that offers your clients the protections of the big banks but with more personalized customer experience. If you’re a broker who understands everyone’s situation is unique (because life happens) and that every client should be treated as an individual, not a number, we think you’d be […]

Getting client reviews: How to ask customers for reviews

You’ve put together a great mortgage deal and your client is happy. Do you know how to ask your customer for a review? Getting a mortgage is a major financial decision—one that will affect your clients for years to come. As a mortgage broker, you do everything you can to find just the right mortgage […]

Find out what makes our BDM Laura smile

Laura – and her radiant smile – joined the Bridgewater Bank family earlier this year. She’s taken the reins as BDM for Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and central and northern Alberta. If you haven’t met her yet, we recommend giving her a shout! Like we quickly did, you’ll discover she works hard, she’s goal driven and does […]

What do your clients know about co-signing for a mortgage?

Do you receive questions from clients about co-signing? Do you recommend it to your clients who are struggling to gain an approval? With tighter mortgage qualification rules and high priced real estate in many Canadian cities, the subject may becoming more popular. Check out this article on the benefits and risks of co-signing for a […]

Get to know Shannon outside of the office

Shannon joined our Bridgewater Bank family earlier this year. We think you might want to get to know her a bit better… especially if you’re a broker in her territory of Ontario – East. We asked Shannon a few candid questions (interview style) about her work life, memories and recommendations – some great learnings to […]

A broker’s guide to understanding income verification documents

As a mortgage broker, you need to be able to accurately interpret the information you read in company financials and income verification documents. Your client’s income is key in determining how much credit lenders might extend to them. But not all clients will have an employer letter and pay stub ready to hand over. For […]

Get reacquainted with John Oliverio

Our BDMs are scattered across the country and they’re busy with your deals; we were lucky enough to snag a few minutes to interview one of our Ontario BDMs! In the interview, we learned more about his home life, hobbies, but mostly how much of an amazing dad he strives to be — and is. […]