Planning a Mortgage Exit Strategy: What Brokers Need to Know

It may seem odd to be planning a mortgage exit strategy before your clients have even signed on the dotted line for their new mortgage, but it’s actually good customer service. It’s also your opportunity to show them how an alternative mortgage can be a critical piece to their long-term financial success. Start with a […]

5 Part Guide: The Mortgage Process & How To Get Approved

Download this entire guide in our shareable PDF: What to expect during the mortgage process —————————————————————————————————————————— The mortgage process can seem daunting and overwhelming for the best of us. It’s so big in fact, that we had to break it up into five parts! A mortgage is a big transaction that involves a substantial amount […]

Why Are Debt Servicing Ratios Important When Applying for a Mortgage?

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It provides information about how to calculate debt to income ratios and the effect it can have on mortgage qualification. If you have questions, contact one of our expert BDMs or award winning underwriters to offer tailored solutions to your clients. Whether you’re […]

4 Mortgage Down Payment Sources to Show Your Lender

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It explains the process of verifying the source of their down payment.  Buying a house? If you don’t buy property regularly—and most people don’t—you may need a refresher on the rules for mortgages and down payment sources. Not only will you need to prove […]

Why Mortgage Payments Matter More Than Mortgage Rates

When shopping for a mortgage, clients are probably looking at rates, not realizing that they should be asking their mortgage broker about payments. Of course, they want the lowest interest rate they can get, but the rate tells them nothing about what they can afford, the most critical part of making a mortgage decision. You […]

Open vs Closed Mortgages: What a Client Needs to Know

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It explains common terms that will help them choose the mortgage that best meets their needs. Choosing a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Open vs. closed mortgages. Fixed vs. variable rates. Amortization period vs. term. It can […]

3 Reasons Why Smaller Broker Houses Appreciate Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Bank is a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank that offers your clients the protections of the big banks but with more personalized customer experience. If you’re a broker who understands everyone’s situation is unique (because life happens) and that every client should be treated as an individual, not a number, we think you’d be […]

Best Approach When Requesting Reviews from Customers

You’ve put together a great mortgage deal and your client is happy. Do you know how to ask your customer for a review? Getting a mortgage is a major financial decision—one that will affect your clients for years to come. As a mortgage broker, you do everything you can to find just the right mortgage […]

Find out what makes our BDM Laura smile

Laura – and her radiant smile – joined the Bridgewater Bank family earlier this year. She’s taken the reins as BDM for Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and central and northern Alberta. If you haven’t met her yet, we recommend giving her a shout! Like we quickly did, you’ll discover she works hard, she’s goal driven and does […]