Save time and save face with clear communication

Get your message across the first time and cut out the back and forth. Effective clear communication will save you and your client time and frustration. Look like a super communicator using the M.A.D.E Format.  

Income documentation

Proving your client’s income can be tricky. We’re here to help you figure it out. Watch our video to learn what kind of documentation your client might need to get their deal done. Then click here for even more helpful information.  

Life happens again…

Major life events happen. Besides being stressful, they can hinder our ability to get approved for a mortgage. Underwriters can quickly determine if an event had an impact on a client’s credit, debt or income, but they need the full and honest picture of your client’s circumstances. To help them understand better, as a broker, you can go into detail […]

Infographic: Improve your odds of success in alternative lending

We want to help you succeed in alternative lending, so we’ve put together five important steps in a handy-dandy infographic called ‘improving your odds of success’. The complete five-step infographic can be found full size here! See below for additional notes on each step. Step 1: Some examples of questions to ask your clients: Does […]

BFS deal notes best practices

Putting together a BFS deal? Check out our time saving best practices.

Setting client expectations

Setting expectations in the alternative space is everything if you want a happy client that closes with you. Help your clients feel prepared by having a straightforward conversation about these three topics: Rate expectations Alternative clients often think they deserve bankable rates. It’s your job to help them understand why they don’t. We suggest positioning […]

Behind every deal, there’s a story.

Major life events can mean difficult financial situations. A Gateway Mortgage can help get your clients back on track. Watch our video to learn more about how Bridgewater Bank can help.

Jason Provencher featured in MPC Mortgage Journal Article

Our very own Jason Provencher was featured in this recent Mortgage Journal article discussing recent regulatory changes in the mortgage market.    

Fixed or Open? We give your borrowers an option.

Fixed terms are the norm for most borrowers, but can leave your client locked into their rate and subject to a prepayment charge should they wish to pay out their loan early. What if your client is expecting a change in their circumstances in the near future? An open term might be the right solution. […]