Meet Yvonne Futter – Bridgewater Bank’s New BC Business Development Manager

Yvonne Futter is no stranger to the mortgage broker industry. You may have seen her at events, worked with her on a file or even know her personally. We are excited to have Yvonne joining the Bridgewater Bank team as the new British Columbia Business Development Manager (BDM). Yvonne comes with a ton of experience […]

CMA Finalists Announced!

We are humbled to announce that we have been nominated as a finalist for six different Canadian Mortgage Awards.  It’s an honour to receive organizational nominations and we are very proud of our employees who have been individually named. We are a finalist in the following organizational categories: The Award for Employer of Choice The […]

When is Refinancing the Right Advice for your Clients? A Two Part Refinancing Series

Home purchases. Home sales. Check mark. That’s the straightforward business that we all do. Refinancing a property on the other hand can be more complicated. There’s many reasons why your existing or potential clients might need to refinance and they represent opportunities for you to grow your portfolio and strengthen client relationships. Over the next […]

Everything Bridgewater Bank you need to know right now!

Bridgewater Bank wants to ensure that whether you’re a mortgage broker, a mortgage agent, an in-house underwriter or a document specialist, you are getting all that you need from us. In addition to always being able to speak to an expert to get your deal done, we also have lots of online information available to […]

Meet our newest expert underwriter – Nikki Smart

Nikki joins our expert team who are always willing and available to discuss submitted deals. We asked Nikki about her role: What is your career experience? I am brand new to Bridgewater Bank (BwB) having just started three months ago. Prior to BwB, I worked in the industry for 25+ years with Scotiabank, Jencor Mortgages […]

Brokers on Lenders Survey Results 2016

We are thrilled to announce Bridgewater Bank made the alternative lender leaderboard with 6 gold medals and 4 bronze medals in the 2016 Brokers on Lenders Survey! A HUGE shout out to the brokers who took the time to complete the survey and recognize us – we’re humbled and grateful for the recognition. You are the lifeblood of our bank, […]

Refinancing – Tips and Considerations

Have your customers considered refinancing to pay off vacation expenses or their children’s tuition? Has their financial situation recently changed? Maybe they’re looking to renovate their home or invest? Here are some alternative refinancing tips and considerations. Tip 1 If your customer answers yes to any of the following, it might be time to think […]

Diversifying with delinquency/default client services

The economy is tough in many parts of the country right now, possibly affecting some of your clients’ ability to make mortgage payments. Mortgage delinquency/default is an incredibly stressful situation where a trusted advisor like you can help immensely. In fact, offering delinquency/default advice is an excellent way to add value to your business, separating […]

Mortgage Financing and the Gig Economy

There is an emerging trend where the concept of a full-time job has been replaced with a series of well paying gigs. It is creating a new market for brokers and challenging lenders to re-define acceptable income sources. This “Gig Economy” is a global trend in employment that blurs the lines of what it means […]