What do your clients know about co-signing for a mortgage?

Do you receive questions from clients about co-signing? Do you recommend it to your clients who are struggling to gain an approval? With tighter mortgage qualification rules and high priced real estate in many Canadian cities, the subject may becoming more popular. Check out this article on the benefits and risks of co-signing for a […]

Meet the real Matt Royston

We think our BDMs are pretty great, which is why we want to share their stories with you. We asked our BDM Matt some candid questions about himself to help you get to know him a little better – and like him as much as we do. Meet the real Matt Royston. Son, guitar player, […]

Protect yourself – Think Business Continuity Planning for your brokerage

If disaster struck tomorrow, would your business survive? How would you contact clients and lenders? Could you continue to generate sales and future business? For many small to medium-sized brokerages, a sudden and unexpected interruption in operations could be harmful. It’s the responsibility of every business to stay ahead of the risks and potential crises. […]

Life happens

Life isn’t predictable – regardless of how much planning we do. Major life events can be stressful; they have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives and the ability to get approved for a mortgage. That’s why getting your client’s story is so important. As a broker you want to paint the full and honest picture […]

Use this client’s feedback to secure a referral

While brokers and real estate agents work day after day in familiar worlds, clients only complete mortgage transactions, on average, every seven years. Almost every part of purchasing a home or completing a refinance will feel brand new to them. To help your clients feel at ease, prepare them with a few tips from someone […]

The importance of having an email signature

An email signature is like handing out a business card every time you send an email. From brand recognition to looking professional, a signature can do a lot for you. Don’t fret, there are plenty of free resources you can consult to help you get it right: Gmail signature help Mobile signature help Outlook signature […]

Increase your clients’ income using gross ups and add backs

Gross ups and add backs and adjustable rates… OH MY! There are so many tools available to help get a deal done, it can be hard to keep track. Don’t fret, let us dig into a few you can use to help your clients see an approval. Gross ups and add backs can both be […]

Make your deal submission sing using the 5 Cs

Before you submit an alternative deal to your lender, it’s important to dig deep into your client’s story. The more information gathered from your clients, the quicker the process will be. Accelerate your submission and look like a star broker! Lenders analyze deals using the five Cs of credit, so we’ve built some questions to […]

Shareable informative videos for your clients

Do you have a client struggling with their credit? Our underwriter Aaron has some advice. Share this informative video with your clients. It’s the first in our two-part series. Credit advice video: http://bit.ly/CommonCreditMistakes   Do you have a client trying to get back on track after a bankruptcy? Our underwriter Aaron has some advice. Share this […]