What to expect: the costs of your mortgage transaction

When you apply for a mortgage, either as a refinance or to buy a new home, there are processes involved and costs that are associated with them. Understanding up front, approximately what you’re going to be paying and why, will help make the whole process easier. No one enjoys surprise costs. Here is a breakdown […]

The exit to alternative lending

Prime lenders want borrowers for life. Alternative lenders want borrowers until the end of their term. As an alternative lender, we want your clients to improve their credit and move up to a better rate. We’re always happy to renew customers, but we’d rather see your borrower graduate to a prime lender. That allows us […]

Getting the full story

This rollercoaster we call life certainly has unexpected twists and turns, but do life events impact a bank’s decision to approve a mortgage? Borrowers always have a story. Whether it’s a logical story that shows they hit hard times through no fault of their own or it’s a stretch of frivolous spending, lenders want to […]

How to nail timing on social media

When is the best time to post? There’s so many conflicting messages about the “magic time” to tweet or post that guarantees the best visibility and engagement. We found this great article about best practices for social media engagement. Give it a read and hopefully it can help you reach out and engage with more […]

Save time and save face with clear communication

Get your message across the first time and cut out the back and forth. Effective clear communication will save you and your client time and frustration. Look like a super communicator using the M.A.D.E Format.  

Get creative with Canva – A marketing tool you can really use (for free)

Are you looking for ways to engage your clients and grow your business, but don’t have the marketing budget to do so? We’ve got a great tool for you… and it’s free. Canva is a graphic design tool that helps you create a visual voice for your business. It’s free and easy to use. Create […]

Are you sending emails at the right time?

Have you ever emailed a client, but never received a reply? We feel your frustration. Maybe you’re simply not sending emails at the right time. Since our primary way to communicate revolves around email, it makes it that much more important to do so efficiently. Mailchimp and Hubspot did some research; as it turns out, […]

Relationship marketing in the digital age

Everyone is focused on digital, but customers still want that human interaction. Read this article about relationship marketing in the digital age. It highlights the importance of nurturing your current customers rather than acquiring new ones along with tips on customer service, social media and referrals. Check it out!

Increase your client base by doing one thing

There is a tried and true method to increasing your client base and it’s pretty simple. Ask for referrals! Check out this article on how and when to ask for referrals, step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. It’s a small effort for a great reward.