Income documentation

Proving your client’s income can be tricky. We’re here to help you figure it out. Watch our video to learn what kind of documentation your client might need to get their deal done. Then click here for even more helpful information.  

Life happens again…

Major life events happen. Besides being stressful, they can hinder our ability to get approved for a mortgage. Underwriters can quickly determine if an event had an impact on a client’s credit, debt or income, but they need the full and honest picture of your client’s circumstances. To help them understand better, as a broker, you can go into detail […]

Consumer credit tips

How does credit history influence the biggest purchase of your client’s life? Knowledge is power and being credit prepared will assist your clients on their home buying journey. We have created a quick consumer credit tips guide for you to share with your clients. We hope it will help them get into the home they […]

Behind every deal, there’s a story.

Major life events can mean difficult financial situations. A Gateway Mortgage can help get your clients back on track. Watch our video to learn more about how Bridgewater Bank can help.

When is Refinancing the Right Advice for your Clients? Part Two: Refinancing After the Loss of a Family Member

Experienced mortgage brokers know their job extends beyond transacting mortgage loans. The true value of using a mortgage broker is their vast knowledge of product available, providing their clients with good advice and the right solutions. Keeping in touch with your clients at regular intervals ensures you are ready to offer good advice as their […]