What do your clients know about co-signing for a mortgage?

Do you receive questions from clients about co-signing? Do you recommend it to your clients who are struggling to gain an approval? With tighter mortgage qualification rules and high priced real estate in many Canadian cities, the subject may becoming more popular. Check out this article on the benefits and risks of co-signing for a […]

Make your deal submission sing using the 5 Cs

Before you submit an alternative deal to your lender, it’s important to dig deep into your client’s story. The more information gathered from your clients, the quicker the process will be. Accelerate your submission and look like a star broker! Lenders analyze deals using the five Cs of credit, so we’ve built some questions to […]

Shareable informative videos for your clients

Do you have a client struggling with their credit? Our underwriter Aaron has some advice. Share this informative video with your clients. It’s the first in our two-part series. Credit advice video: http://bit.ly/CommonCreditMistakes   Do you have a client trying to get back on track after a bankruptcy? Our underwriter Aaron has some advice. Share this […]

The temporary nature of alternative mortgages

To continue on from last week’s article ‘Reducing client concerns about taking an alternative mortgage’, discussing the temporary nature of alternative mortgages with your concerned clients might be in your best interest. An alternative mortgage is meant to be temporary; it gives your clients time to improve their situation and renew at a better rate […]

Alternative mortgages – reducing client concerns

You may notice your clients reacting when they hear they’re being considered for an alternative mortgage.  They’re likely worried about the higher interest rates. We’re here to help you put your clients’ minds at ease by explaining the benefits of taking an alternative mortgage and how it can be used as a great, but more […]

The exit to alternative lending

Prime lenders want borrowers for life. Alternative lenders want borrowers until the end of their term. As an alternative lender, we want your clients to improve their credit and move up to a better rate. We’re always happy to renew customers, but we’d rather see your borrower graduate to a prime lender. That allows us […]

Life happens again…

Major life events happen. Besides being stressful, they can hinder our ability to get approved for a mortgage. Underwriters can quickly determine if an event had an impact on a client’s credit, debt or income, but they need the full and honest picture of your client’s circumstances. To help them understand better, as a broker, you can go into detail […]

Consumer credit tips

How does credit history influence the biggest purchase of your client’s life? Knowledge is power and being credit prepared will assist your clients on their home buying journey. We have created a quick consumer credit tips guide for you to share with your clients. We hope it will help them get into the home they […]

Setting client expectations

Setting expectations in the alternative space is everything if you want a happy client that closes with you. Help your clients feel prepared by having a straightforward conversation about these three topics: Rate expectations Alternative clients often think they deserve bankable rates. It’s your job to help them understand why they don’t. We suggest positioning […]