Get into the rental market with the Gateway Rental Mortgage™

If you have a client looking for an investment property mortgage, check out Bridgewater Bank’s Gateway Rental Mortgage. It’s an ideal solution for your clients who want to own rental properties but may not qualify for a traditional big-bank mortgage. It also gives you the opportunity to better serve your clients by offering them solutions […]

Is a vacation property your next purchase?

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a cabin – summer weekends on the dock and the call of loons in the air – you’re not alone. Spending time at a cabin is a top priority for Canadians—a recent survey found that 68 per cent of those polled would opt for a long weekend at the […]

What to look for when reviewing an appraisal

Since the appraised value of property is the foundation of the loan, appraisals can be a heated topic in the mortgage world. Each section of an appraisal plays a role in helping underwriters fund your deal, but when it comes down to it, there are a few elements that carry more weight than others. We […]

Your home – Part 3

Your home is part three of a five part series on preparing your client for what to expect during the mortgage process. We hope you will share the full series with your clients so you can move through the process with ease. Now that you’ve completed all your income paperwork, you’re ready to provide a […]

What was your first mortgage?

As mortgage rates potentially reach their floor, Bridgewater Bank employees remember their first mortgages from rates as high as 9.75 in 1976 to rates as low as 3.25 in 2010. Mortgage rates have been steadily declining to historical lows since 2008 and it goes without saying, we’ve all benefited from paying interest with pocket change. […]

Fixed or Open? We give your borrowers an option.

Fixed terms are the norm for most borrowers, but can leave your client locked into their rate and subject to a prepayment charge should they wish to pay out their loan early. What if your client is expecting a change in their circumstances in the near future? An open term might be the right solution. […]

Diversifying with delinquency/default client services

The economy is tough in many parts of the country right now, possibly affecting some of your clients’ ability to make mortgage payments. Mortgage delinquency/default is an incredibly stressful situation where a trusted advisor like you can help immensely. In fact, offering delinquency/default advice is an excellent way to add value to your business, separating […]

Break ground with Bridgewater Bank’s Construction Draw Partner program

It’s competitively priced with flexible features and a common sense draw schedule. Our experienced underwriter, Kara Kinakin, is one of our packaging experts that can support you through the draw program. She gives us an overview of what is needed for a seamless funding process. We’ve already identified that being a Draw Mortgage expert can help […]

The surprisingly delightful upside of Draw Mortgages

Draw mortgages often take a lot of time to package and many of us avoid them since we believe the payoff is the same as more efficient purchases and refinances. In these times of competing market share, why discount a market segment who has a significantly greater need for our help? Draws are an excellent […]