Why Are Debt Servicing Ratios Important When Applying for a Mortgage?

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It provides information about how to calculate debt to income ratios and the effect it can have on mortgage qualification. If you have questions, contact one of our expert BDMs or award winning underwriters to offer tailored solutions to your clients. Whether you’re […]

4 Mortgage Down Payment Sources to Show Your Lender

Please share this article with your clients by downloading the PDF below. It explains the process of verifying the source of their down payment.  Buying a house? If you don’t buy property regularly—and most people don’t—you may need a refresher on the rules for mortgages and down payment sources. Not only will you need to prove […]

Why Mortgage Payments Matter More Than Mortgage Rates

When shopping for a mortgage, clients are probably looking at rates, not realizing that they should be asking their mortgage broker about payments. Of course, they want the lowest interest rate they can get, but the rate tells them nothing about what they can afford, the most critical part of making a mortgage decision. You […]

Verifying Income & Understanding Income Verification Documents

As a mortgage broker, you need to be able to accurately interpret the information you read in company financials and income verification documents. Your client’s income is key in determining how much credit lenders might extend to them. But not all clients will have an employer letter and pay stub ready to hand over. For […]

Buying a Vacation Home: Expert Advice to Secure the Right Financing

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a cabin – summer weekends on the dock and the call of loons in the air – you’re not alone. Spending time at a cabin is a top priority for Canadians—a recent survey found that 68 per cent of those polled would opt for a long weekend at the […]

Alternative Lending & Mortgages Explained and How to Reduce Client Concerns

You may notice your clients reacting when they hear they’re being considered for an alternative mortgage. They’re likely worried about the higher interest rates. We’re here to help you put your clients’ minds at ease by explaining the benefits of taking an alternative mortgage and how it can be used as a great, but more […]

Refinancing a Mortgage Following the Death of a Family Member

Experienced mortgage brokers know their job extends beyond transacting mortgage loans. The true value of using a mortgage broker is their vast knowledge of product available, providing their clients with good advice and the right solutions. Keeping in touch with your clients at regular intervals ensures you are ready to offer good advice as their […]

Refinancing the Home During Divorce or Separation

Divorce is unfortunately associated to another big ‘D’ word; debt. It’s common for couples going through a divorce to generate debt. Whether that’s splitting assets, lawyer fees or simply old debt incurred while married. As couples separate and work to reestablish themselves, they will be doing a lot of financial juggling and refinancing might be […]

4 Worthy Reasons to Refinance the Home

Have your customers considered refinancing to pay off vacation expenses or their children’s tuition? Has their financial situation recently changed? Maybe they’re looking to renovate their home or invest? Here are some alternative refinancing tips and considerations. Reason 1: Pay-Off Debts, Home Renovation, Create Wealth If your customer answers yes to any of the following, it […]