Talk about affordable mortgage payments, not rate

Why the mortgage payment is more important than the rate When shopping for a mortgage, clients are probably looking at rates, not realizing that they should be asking their mortgage broker about payments. Of course, they want the lowest interest rate they can get, but the rate tells them nothing about what they can afford, […]

A broker’s guide to understanding income verification documents

As a mortgage broker, you need to be able to accurately interpret the information you read in company financials and income verification documents. Your client’s income is key in determining how much credit lenders might extend to them. But not all clients will have an employer letter and pay stub ready to hand over. For […]

Is a vacation property your next purchase?

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a cabin – summer weekends on the dock and the call of loons in the air – you’re not alone. Spending time at a cabin is a top priority for Canadians—a recent survey found that 68 per cent of those polled would opt for a long weekend at the […]

Down payment – Part 4

Down payment is part four in a five part series about what your client can expect during the mortgage process. This article is meant to be shared with your clients so they can be prepared and move smoothly through the process. You’re almost at the finish line. It’s time to talk down payment. If you […]

Your home – Part 3

Your home is part three of a five part series on preparing your client for what to expect during the mortgage process. We hope you will share the full series with your clients so you can move through the process with ease. Now that you’ve completed all your income paperwork, you’re ready to provide a […]

Alternative mortgages – reducing client concerns

You may notice your clients reacting when they hear they’re being considered for an alternative mortgage.  They’re likely worried about the higher interest rates. We’re here to help you put your clients’ minds at ease by explaining the benefits of taking an alternative mortgage and how it can be used as a great, but more […]

When is Refinancing the Right Advice for your Clients? Part Two: Refinancing After the Loss of a Family Member

Experienced mortgage brokers know their job extends beyond transacting mortgage loans. The true value of using a mortgage broker is their vast knowledge of product available, providing their clients with good advice and the right solutions. Keeping in touch with your clients at regular intervals ensures you are ready to offer good advice as their […]

When is Refinancing the Right Advice for your Clients? A Two Part Refinancing Series

Home purchases. Home sales. Check mark. That’s the straightforward business that we all do. Refinancing a property on the other hand can be more complicated. There’s many reasons why your existing or potential clients might need to refinance and they represent opportunities for you to grow your portfolio and strengthen client relationships. Over the next […]

Refinancing – Tips and Considerations

Have your customers considered refinancing to pay off vacation expenses or their children’s tuition? Has their financial situation recently changed? Maybe they’re looking to renovate their home or invest? Here are some alternative refinancing tips and considerations. Tip 1 If your customer answers yes to any of the following, it might be time to think […]