Smaller broker houses appreciate Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Bank is a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank that offers your clients the protections of the big banks but with more personalized customer experience. If you’re a broker who understands everyone’s situation is unique (because life happens) and that every client should be treated as an individual, not a number, we think you’d be […]

A broker’s guide to understanding income verification documents

As a mortgage broker, you need to be able to accurately interpret the information you read in company financials and income verification documents. Your client’s income is key in determining how much credit lenders might extend to them. But not all clients will have an employer letter and pay stub ready to hand over. For […]

Tips on enhancing your LinkedIn profile

As a mortgage broker, having a strong personal brand is important. It helps current clients recognize you and potential clients find and differentiate you. As clients are looking for their perfect broker more and more online, via a quick Google search or social media, it’s becoming important to build an online profile that illustrates who […]

Increase your clients’ income using gross ups and add backs

Gross ups and add backs and adjustable rates… OH MY! There are so many tools available to help get a deal done, it can be hard to keep track. Don’t fret, let us dig into a few you can use to help your clients see an approval. Gross ups and add backs can both be […]

Supporting docs for income proof – Part 2

Please share this article with your clients to help them navigate the mortgage process. For the full 5 part series, comment below and we’ll happily send it to you. Now that the application process (part 1 of this series) is dealt with, it’s time to validate your income to your lender. This means you’ll be required […]

The temporary nature of alternative mortgages

To continue on from last week’s article ‘Reducing client concerns about taking an alternative mortgage’, discussing the temporary nature of alternative mortgages with your concerned clients might be in your best interest. An alternative mortgage is meant to be temporary; it gives your clients time to improve their situation and renew at a better rate […]

BFS deal notes best practices

Putting together a BFS deal? Check out our time saving best practices.

Mortgage Financing and the Gig Economy

There is an emerging trend where the concept of a full-time job has been replaced with a series of well paying gigs. It is creating a new market for brokers and challenging lenders to re-define acceptable income sources. This “Gig Economy” is a global trend in employment that blurs the lines of what it means […]