Wrapping up MPC National Conference

We came, we saw, we loved it! We had a wonderful time at this year’s MPC National Conference. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and took the time to chat. We hope you enjoyed the return of Mr. Wilson ice cream – a sweet treat indeed! Our booth was a great rest stop […]

Renew your motivation at trade shows

Are you travelling to The MPC National Mortgage Conference in Montreal next week? We are and we wanted to remind you about the countless reasons you should too. Attending industry trade shows not only can help you and your career, but also the company you work for. You’ll have opportunities to network, collaborate, gain knowledge, […]

2018 Brokers on Lenders Survey Results

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine, the publication does an annual survey – the Brokers on Lenders Survey – where brokers are asked to rate lenders in certain categories of service. We are pleased to accept three medals this year: Gold: BDM Support Winning this award doesn’t come to […]

Learning along the way

Throughout the years, we’ve worked hard for our brokers — and won a few awards for it! In fact, we’ve been winning awards since 2009 (see for yourself). We’ve been in business for a while. We’ve experienced name changes, process changes and industry changes, but we’ve never changed our drive to support our brokers. Our […]

Our mortgage products get simplified

We recently simplified our mortgage products and are excited to share the changes with you. Firstly, you should know: (1) We’ve taken your feedback directly from our broker surveys to improve our products and implement clear standards. (2) We’ve structured our product suite so you can quickly and easily see what box your client fits […]

How to nail timing on social media

When is the best time to post? There’s so many conflicting messages about the “magic time” to tweet or post that guarantees the best visibility and engagement. We found this great article about best practices for social media engagement. Give it a read and hopefully it can help you reach out and engage with more […]

Get creative with Canva – A marketing tool you can really use (for free)

Are you looking for ways to engage your clients and grow your business, but don’t have the marketing budget to do so? We’ve got a great tool for you… and it’s free. Canva is a graphic design tool that helps you create a visual voice for your business. It’s free and easy to use. Create […]

Are you sending emails at the right time?

Have you ever emailed a client, but never received a reply? We feel your frustration. Maybe you’re simply not sending emails at the right time. Since our primary way to communicate revolves around email, it makes it that much more important to do so efficiently. Mailchimp and Hubspot did some research; as it turns out, […]

Relationship marketing in the digital age

Everyone is focused on digital, but customers still want that human interaction. Read this article about relationship marketing in the digital age. It highlights the importance of nurturing your current customers rather than acquiring new ones along with tips on customer service, social media and referrals. Check it out!